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How do you know you need a website development company?

Do you know you need a website for your business but don’t know where to start?

Do you find yourself so busy working on your core business that you don’t have time to create or update your website?

Does technology intimidate you?

Does your website look too “DIY” and not reflect the professional that you are?


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I will get to know you and understand your business. 

Together, we can craft a custom website that speaks to your potential customers. 

Your website will bring customers to you.

We have a vested interest in making sure your website brings in clients and has a positive Return on Investment!

Client Testimonials

The thing that sets Laura at Web Luminary apart is the time she takes to get to know you and your business. She has the technological knowledge to translate this understanding into a website that truly reflects your business as you see it. Her advice and information has been invaluable. I love my website and working with Laura has been a pleasure.
Laura got me all set up with my website. She’s pleasant to work with, affordable, and accessible. Highly recommend her!
I enjoyed working with you, Laura and I thank you for your patience with me over these last several months. I loved meeting you at coffee shops and we can find some new ones !! I also want to thank you for your encouragement and believing in me. Having this website has given me a new found confidence that I can do this!
Thank you Laura Simpson of Web Luminary for making my website dreams come true! I feel like you took everything I threw at you and intuitively knew how to turn all of it into the website of my dreams. Thank you for being uber patient with me and explaining everything in great detail. Your ideas were creative and personalized to my ideals. I feel like you just GET me and what my company embodies. The cost was reasonable and worth every penny. Over time I am glad we have become great buddies, too. The website came with training sessions, too, even if someone like me is not tech savvy needs help. I cannot thank you enough. Laura , you did a fantastic job on my website!
Laura did a fantastic job working with me to create a great website. Not only did she push me to gather, create and provide original content, she helped educate me about what is important in the online world. Furthermore, Laura is connected to local marketing groups and shared her knowledge, experiences and connections with me. I have had websites created by other national companies, but the content was generic and my face and business was basically attached to a stock site. So grateful that Laura was able to create a very custom online presence for my real estate business. I highly recommend Laura Simpson!

Is your website getting a "not secure" warning from Google Chrome?

If that is the case, your website needs an SSL certificate. Not sure how to get it or how to set it up?  Contact me and I will be happy to help you.

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