Heidi Kleine Coaching is a service-oriented business that focuses on helping clients reach their potential. Heidi started coaching after seeing a gap in the local gym where the owner helped her lose 100 pounds. After her weight-loss, Heidi knew she had the real-life experience necessary to coach others on their fitness goals. In 2015, Heidi wrote a book, Worth It! Shatter Your Excuses and Free Yourself to Shine. Through this book and her website, she launched her coaching career.

Website Why

Fast forward to 2018: Heidi felt that her coaching needed to evolve to target not just those with fitness goals, but anyone who needed coaching—particularly in ministry and entrepreneurship. This is where started. In March, Heidi hired a website developer to create a website that she felt comfortable showing her ministry clients. As she started getting more clients in ministry, she started writing for her blog again and realized that and needed to be combined. Coaching—no matter the ultimate goal—is a common need, and combining the websites just made sense. This was a hard decision for her because she already spent a lot of money on, and it was part of her identity. Luckily, she realized she wasn’t abandoning her first website. She was simply expanding her brand.

The Project

Heidi contacted Millennium Web Design (my former business name), and I got to work. She had two websites ( and, so the first assignment was to back-up and close It was a WordPress website hosted by Bluehost. Logins in hand, it quickly became apparent that the administration panel of had crashed. It was the equivalent of the “blue screen of death.” My theory on why this happened is that the website had not been maintained and plug-ins had not been updated. Calling Bluehost did not help. But Heidi had written over 30 blog posts that could not be lost!

I was able to retrieve her old blog posts and save them as a Word document. Whew! Then, we were able to focus on the remaining parts of her website. We finished her website within a few weeks, and she now has a great website for her business. Heidi Kleine Coaching allows clients to reach her by email and social media, pay her, and download her workbook. In addition, she has search engine optimization and a subscriber list that she uses to blast out her blog posts and offerings. The website is done in Weebly, which was a great fit for Heidi, who did not like the maintenance requirements of WordPress and did not want to pay someone to keep it up to date.

It has been four months since Heidi’s new website launched, and she has found that just by focusing more on her marketing and website, her business has grown. I am so happy for her, and I can’t wait to see where her coaching career takes her!

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