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Google is telling people to eat rocks for “the minerals.”

AI overview was released this month and while you were out grilling your hamburgers, SEO’s and reporters around the world were “grillin'” Google for their disastrous rollout of AI overview in search.

Today (May 31, 24), I asked Google “How many rocks should I eat per day,” and it answered, “you should eat at least one small rock per day.” Reporters from the NY Times wrote about this problem a week ago and Google still hasn’t fixed it. This isn’t the only piece of bad advice the Google AI generates. Drinking urine for kidney stones and there are “health benefits to taking a bath with a toaster” are some other stupid and fatal advice Google gives.

Maybe eating rocks is ridiculous and no one will listen, but Forbes recently wrote an article that AI is so convincing that even medical doctors are making mistakes based on its advice.

When asked, Google said that they have trained their AI not to give answers when the questions are explicit or harmful, but it declined to answer where it looks to answer medical questions.

If you experiment with asking Google a few questions right now you will see that it pulls answers to questions from Wikipedia, Reddit, Quora and other places where non-qualified ordinary people answer questions.

Google has now made itself the laughing stock of search and as a professional website designer whose job is to get small business website found on Google, I fear the world of “trusting Google” is over.

Knowing all the bad advice above, aren’t you less likely to tell your kids to “Google it” because you fear that a naive person will be less likely to discern a bad answer?

Therefore, getting a client ranking in the top of Google for the “best HVAC company in Raleigh.” isn’t going to be worth as much.

However, it might go another way. Maybe people will start looking closely at the results Google gives and trust organic search results more than the AI results. We’ll see.

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