Email marketing is a great way to increase sales

Small business owners: Email marketing can be easy!

Create curiosity, build relationships and cement brand loyalty

About 60% of people do purchase research on the internet — even for local businesses. When website clickers are deciding who to hire, wouldn’t it be great if they told you they were checking you out?

It’s not like you are at a bar, and a friend tells you someone is staring at you.  Google Analytics will tell you that you are being looked at, but it won’t tell you their name or email address.

That’s where opt-in/freebies/lead magnets and email marketing come in! If someone wants to download your freebie, that means they are interested enough in your business to leave their email address. 

Do you want to see an example of an email marketing lead magnet? My lead magnet is a SEO spreadsheet and guide. In order to tempt website browsers to click on it, I have a banner at the top of my website that says, “NOT SURE WHAT KEYWORDS YOUR WEBSITE SHOULD RANK ON? DOWNLOAD MY SEO GUIDE AND SPREADSHEET.” I could also create a popup like the one below to get interested clients to enter their email address.

Your lead magnet doesn’t have to be a spreadsheet or pdf. A few of my clients have a video and another client has a quiz as their lead magnet. Whatever you choose, a good lead generating pdf/video will explain to the website clicker that you are an expert in your field, and you can help them solve their problem. They gave you their email address and now you can start a business relationship. You don’t have any money from them yet, but you are one step closer to earning their trust. When they are ready to hire, they will remember you because you stayed in touch.

Our Email Marketing Package: $950*  

  • We will help you decide on and create your website freebie.
  • We will attract your ideal client to type in their email address with eye-catching words and design. 
  • We will write 5 emails that will “nurture” your lead into action.  
  • We will automate the sending of your emails.
  • We will train you on how to add emails so that you don’t need a programmer.

The emails will be designed to do the following:

  • Position you as the expert.
  • Pique customer interest.
  • Create a sense of reciprocity.
  • Build trust.
  • Encourage a customer to take a small action, such as astrategy call or free quote.

All of which can help lead to a sale. 

Is the Email Marketing Package for you?

  • You have heard from colleagues how well email marketing is working for them.
  • You have a small/medium email list, but your open rate is low.
  • You feel like you are “winging it” with emails and have no strategy.
  • You wish there was an easier way to keep in touch with leads.
  • You are ready to “nurture” those website leads and turn them into clients! 

In the end, you will have a system to continue to stay in touch and remember your business and unique selling proposition.

Your emails will not:

  • Have a heavy sales vibe.
  • Directly sell anything.
  • Give away too much.

*Extra emails are priced separately.

My email marketing campaign is only available to Website clients. If you have been holding off deciding who to hire for your small business website development, contact me.

3 thoughts on “Small business owners: email marketing can be easy!”

  1. Winston here from Iowa. I just wanted to see if you’d like any extra focused traffic or web help in any capacity – no matter what it might be. Bulk targeted email/messaging campaigns across the country to hundreds of millions of businesses or consumers at no cost to you, social media growth on autopilot, programming, video/site creation/editing, AI integrations to automate anything you can think of, consolidating all of your hosting/emails/ssl certificates under one provider that charges $5 a month for unlimited everything, no joke. The list goes on. I’ve been doing this for over 22 years and love it.

    There’s virtually no cost on my end to do any of this for you except for my time starting at four cents a day. I don’t mean to impose; I was just curious if I could lend a hand. Brief history, I’ve been working from home for a couple decades now and I love helping others. I’m married, have three girls and if I can provide for them by helping you and giving back by using the tools and knowledge I’ve built and learned over the years, I can’t think of a better win-win.

    It amazes me that no one else is helping others quite like I do and I’d love to show you how I can help out. So, if you need any extra help in any way, please let me know either way as I value your time and don’t want to pester you.

    PS – If I didn’t mention something you might need help with just ask, I only mentioned a handful of things to keep this brief 🙂

    Happy Holidays,

    Cell – 1-319-435-1790‬
    My Site (w/Live Chat) –

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