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When we talk to small business owners, we often hear about their website concerns. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is – “Why am I not getting leads from my website?” The business owner goes on to tell me that they have hundreds if not thousands of website clicks a month but overall the website clickers are not staying on their website and also no one is filling out their contact form. When I investigate, a see that their Do-It-Yourself website, has many drawbacks. Sometimes, it just needs a tweak, but many times their website falls into these 5 traps:

  1. Your website/business doesn’t look trustworthy.

One of the main problems I see on small business websites, is that they are missing a SSL certificate. An SSL certificate, is now a requirement on Chrome and Firefox so that the website doesn’t receive a “not secure” warning. Who wants to view a website that isn’t secure?

Another red flag for websites is using a free website builder that advertises or is a part of the url. Wix gives a free website builder and if you own a small business are using this, I assume you are not trustworthy.

The 3rd website “trust” pet peeve of mine is using spammy language. For example, you bold everything and use the words FREE or brag about being the absolute best whatever in the WORLD. This over the top language makes us feel like we are listening to a late night infomercial and does not invoke trust. Instead, we think your business is fly-by-night and not reliable. One main piece of advice we give all of our clients to have as many testimonials as possible on their website. If that is not possible (due to the confidential nature of their business), then logos of companies you have worked with, business seals like from the Better Business Bureau, or warranties and guarantees are beneficial for establishing trust as well.

  1. Your website isn’t explaining what is in it for them and why they should stick around.

Whenever you build your website, your content should talk about the benefits of working with you. You have to exhibit empathy and knowledge of your ideal clients problems and state what you are going to do to make them better. Just saying you are the best dog trainer or that you have 20 years experience isn’t really about them – the customer….it is about you. Here are some examples of content that explains the benefits:

Dog Trainer

Kitchen contractor

Yard Maintenance Company

Get a better trained dog for a better life at home.

a beautiful, functional kitchen is within your budget.

Have your yard be the envy of your neighbors.

  1. Your website looks like an amateur created it.

One of the things we see the most is having just words, very few pictures and 100% stock photos. When we do business with a small business owner, we want to know what you look like. You have heard this many times, people buy from people, not faceless companies. In addition, if you are service based business, I want to see that you have taken the time to explain commonly asked questions. I expect to see an FAQ or blog posts. Create content that really shines and shows that you know your stuff and that you can help your client.

  1. Your website doesn’t stand out from the others.

Your website should be personalized and stand out from the others in your industry. When customers are surveyed about websites, 90% of them comment on the design. That means you should spend some money on getting a quality logo and have personalized site that represents your company. In addition, pick at most 3 colors from your logo (white and black do not count) and use those specific colors everywhere.

This might not be a secret to some of you, but certain industries have website “specialists” that will churn out a website for you. I have spoken to insurance agents, realtors, and travel agents and they have all told me that they can get a website from an “industry expert.” Many of my clients told me that when they look at these websites that were created this way, and they can tell – because all of them look the same. Your website should differentiate your company, from its competitors, not look boiler-plate.

Again, using branded photos and/or videos help you to stand out. Also, offer a free personalize report or something that will be valuable to your potential client.

  1. Your website isn’t telling them what to do next.

People browsing your website need clarity and a specific suggestion on what action they should take. Having just a Contact Me menu item is not enough. Instead you should offer something of value in exchange for an email address, or offer a free personalized phone consultation. This offer/action is called a “Call to Action”. and it tempts your ideal client to click it, because they believe clicking it will make them better off.

Examples of great call to actions are:

Netflix: “Try 30 days free”

Geiko: {Enter your zip code] -“Check your quote”

Home Chef: “Pick your meals”

Aren’t you tempted to click all of these buttons! That is the point!

Do you want a website that you can be proud of?

Follow my home page formula and turn your website into a lead magnet.

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