Clients come to me in all stages: without a website; with a DIY website; needing website updates. And I work with all of them to create the online branding platform which fits their industry and elevates their brand. Often I am asked which content management system I prefer, and I have an answer! I’ve worked with many of the most common ones, and here are my thoughts and eight reasons why you should create your business website using WordPress.

  1.  Wordpress can do it all.

Need an online store? WordPress. Woo commerce plugin? WordPress. Need a member login?  Check. MLS search for real estate? Yes, that too. WordPress’s open source format was designed to be extended. It creates plugins and themes every day and just gets better and faster with age.

Side note: what’s a plugin? Website plugins improve specific functionality aspects of your website through individual services. They change visual elements quickly, add information or content, or smooth integration between your site and other tools (think Yoast). I use these to enhance your website’s functionality and make them more modern. If you don’t know what these are or which ones you need, I will have recommendations for you. Now, back to WordPress…

  1. Flexibility.

If you can’t find a plugin which offers the exact function you want, then you simply find a WordPress developer that can code in the correct format. Which is where I come in – I’ll build your code so your site operates the way you need and want.

  1. Industry leader.

WordPress comprises a full quarter (25%) of the world’s web pages. This means, if you need assistance, you can easily connect with a WordPress expert to answer your questions.

  1. No commitments to specific hosting companies.

Meaning, you have no obligations to host in any specific place (read my blog post on hosting here). Your site stays portable, and you choose which hosting provider you want at any time. Additionally, when I build your website, I create a zip file of all your website files as a backup precaution. Should anything ever happen with the hosting company, you will have all your files, images, and content and can move your website to a new location. By contrast, if either Wix or Squarespace goes out of business or has a long outage, you cannot move your website anywhere, and you might lose access to your clients (i.e. lose income opportunities).

  1. Affordability.

WordPress is simple to set up and low- or no-cost. Instead of going directly to WordPress, visit Siteground to create a WordPress website using their tutorials. In addition, they have themes which a make WordPress seem like a drag and drop website builder, easy for DIYers.

  1. You own your website material.

Reading the fine print of Wix, Squarespace, and others, you’ll find they own your content and can reuse it for marketing. As a business owner, don’t give over your rights to your content and website to a hosting company.

  1. Responsive and mobile friendly.

WordPress has integrated the mobile-friendly feature into its themes and templates for you. Without this responsiveness, visitors will notice that your website does not look good on the phone or tablet. (50% of internet browsers look at websites on their phone.) Then, they will leave your site as soon as they find you, and you’ll miss connecting with new clients. Being mobile-friendly also makes your site more attractive visually on all screen sizes and ranks you higher on search engines.

  1. Easier to use every day.

Some of the most popular templates come with pre-made templates, making it simple to drag and drop images and content where you want them. And, for increased drag-and-drop capability, WordPress offers a new plugin (called Elementor) for use with any of their templates. Other hosting and website content management systems do not offer this feature.

I hope this convinces you to go with WordPress for your new website! And, when you’re overwhelmed, contact me, and I can take your website design to the next level…with WordPress’s customizable functions.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs on topics such as how to create a free website on WordPress and answering the question why do I need a website developer?

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